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Social Housing Solutions (Bristol) Ltd
Social Housing Solutions (Bristol) Ltd
We will pay your rent
  • In accordance to our standards and agreements, we will Provide you with the Rent on time regardless of the property being in use or vacant.

    No matter how the market place is affected, your income will be guaranteed regularly, without incident.
  • Our terms of contractual agreements range generally between 1 - 3 years and can be up for further negotiations at any interval.
  • Social Housing Solutions are your main point of contact. We deal with all aspects of Rent, Upkeep/maintenance, of your property as well as any legal issues, which may arise.
  • Upon securing a tenancy, we will incur all costs including any necessary, Health & Safety Checks, inventories, Referencing, and dealing with TDP (Tenancy Deposit Schemes)

    Any additional costs, will be done on the Landlords own expense. In any condition, the Landlord will be advised at each step of the way.
  • Once the rent is mutually agreed, it will be followed by an advanced payment of the monthly amount, which shall commence from the start of any agreement made.