Social Housing Solutions (Bristol) Ltd
Every tenant we cater for is acquired after a rigorous reference check, and a full history (where applicable) would be available by obtaining any tenant history, we can utilize information and place specific tenants in the ideal properties, for the correct rates.

Once they are fully vetted, we can proceed with a general term of one year or longer, and start our GRS alongside too. We work in close conjunction with the local authorities, in helping us obtain fully vetted tenants. It is our general practice to work closely with the local council and monitor needs for a certain caliber of tenant/s

We shall in all cases still provide our Guaranteed Rent scheme in arrangements with other authorities, making sure that there are NO cases containing tenants with a poor history.


Our student clientele usually come from higher educational sources, Universities, Colleges and other institutes, and have mainly Post graduate backgrounds, thus making very ideal tenants, keeping as much interest in their stay, as their studies. Coming mainly from the upper end of the market, we tend to cater to mature students, whom are very reserved and committed.

We encourage all type of tenants to keep at the high standards, which we run ourselves.


Our excellent service and strive to find the ideal properties often leads to us to acquire, high spec properties in ideal conditions for a new family, looking to move and start a fresh in a newly renovated home.

As we have a fast and efficient service providing regime, we are ideal, and punctual in dealing with any issues you may have. Our family tenants tend to be with us long term


If u is part of a company looking to rent with SHS, we can cater for that, as we have direct contacts within the corporate industries, and tend to provide housing or institutions on fairly regular intervals. The terms of Contract range between 1 - 3 years.