Social Housing Solutions (Bristol) Ltd
Landlords...fix your income and costs
SOCIAL HOUSING SOLUTIONS (Bristol) LTD is forefront in the 'Guaranteed Rent Providing Service'

We obtain your rent on time and help in taking care of any troublesome issues, with ease and finesse equal to some of the top Social Housing Providers of the country around today!

Our prompt service eliminates a big worry which todayís Investors come across on time to time.
We provide Landlords the opportunity in receiving a locked income, enabling ample time to address other areas of their profession or simply live a trouble free life to sit back and reap the rewards staying 'stress free' all the way.

It is not uncommon for various institutes to employ the 'Guaranteed Rent Service Scheme'; however the amount which actually lives up to expectations is less than amicable.

Our service is nationally recognized, and fully regulated within the industry of social housing, in providing a secure GRS to you.

We employ a very stringent Tenant Screening program, which enables us to deal with only the Reliable and most competent of tenants. Providing both parties with the best service is paramount to the infrastructure of our organization.

In taking Control of your property, we can be expected to provide the same high level of upkeep as we would with any property on our own company logs; we recognize the importance of a stable and mutual relationship and understanding with our clients, by keeping the service as personal as possible.

We work in conjunction with fully qualified tradesman that can deal promptly with any issues which may arise in day to day home activates including; gas and Heating problems, Plumbing and maintenance and repairs.

We also carry out regular inspections with the intention of keeping good communication with the occupying tenants.

No property will be overlooked as long as the landlordís property meets all the necessary legal requirements laid out by national regulatory bodies.